Reality WHQ

You’ve arrived at the World Headquarters of Reality, we are a demo group that started out in New Zealand in 1991 on the Commodore Amiga home computer and later moved to the PC DOS demoscene, expanding our membership into Australia.

Demo groups are involved in the demoscene, an international computer art subculture that specialises in producing demos: small, self-contained computer programs that display audio-visual effects. The main goal of producing a demo is to demonstrate programming, artistic, and musical skills - and for the enjoyment and camaraderie of developing something as a group.

The demoscene’s roots are in the home computer revolution of the late 1970s, and the subsequent advent of software cracking. Crackers illegally distributed video games, adding introductions of their own making (“cracktros”), and soon started competing for the best presentation. The making of intros and stand-alone demos eventually evolved into a new subculture, independent of the gaming and software file sharing scenes, and the demoscene was born.

Reality began their journey in 1991, releasing their first Amiga demo “Kiwi Crap”. You can find it and others on the Productions page.

All our stuff

You can download Reality’s demoscene and music releases, including all versions of the Reality Adlib Tracker and our collection of RAD songs from our public file system.

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